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Montana Premium Alfalfa Orchard Pellets

Just in! Montana Premium Alfalfa Orchard Pellets

Montana Premium Alfalfa Orchard Pellets

Montana Premium Forage manufactures its pellets from only the highest quality alfalfa and orchard grass, grown and sun-cured in Southwest Montana from a few selected farms. Our pellets are highly palatable and provide the ideal nutrients for your horse and other livestock.

Montana Premium Forage uses high pressure forming presses to keep pellets in perfect form. Pellets are 1/4" vs 3/8" size of most other brands, making them perfect for horses, mules, cows and calves, llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats and even pig. There are no binding addititives and the pellets are run through cooling system to prevent humidity in the bags.

Come grab a free 3.5lb sample bag while supplies last! Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein......Min 15% Crude Fat.............Min 1.5% Cude Fiber...........Max 32%

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