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What We Offer


At Hay Plus Farms we offer a wide variety of Products to meet your needs. From a wide range of hay types and grades, to fencing supplies and  livestock drinkers, we've got all your ranching and livestock needs covered.

Irrigation System

Our Retail Products 

Retail Hay

We stock multiple quality levels and types of hay.  While some varieties of hay are seasonal, we routinely carry Alfalfa, Bermuda, Orchard, Timothy, Teff,  Alfalfa /Grass Mix, Rye, and other specialty hay types. Most of our hay is baled in three string "Retail" size bales but we also carry some large square bales as well. Call or text for current availability and pricing!


We offer oil pipe, Del-mar panels, fence staves and t-posts, no-climb rolls, and smooth and barbed wire.  We have heavy duty gates made in house as well as continuous fence panels, 4 and 5 rail panels and bow gates. Call for current pricing and availability!

Livestock Products

Hay Plus carries various bedding, salts, hay pellets and other supplements.  We also specialize in livestock drinkers as well as bulk water storage tanks ready for delivery.  Our inventory changes weekly.  Contact us for current availability.

Flat-Pack Containers

Flat-Pack containers quickly Assemble/Disassemble allowing for easy transportation.  Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent storage, they are designed to last.  Double doors in one end and upgraded locking mechanisms to maximize security. Powder coat finishes  in a variety of colors.

We Deliver!

All of our products are available for delivery! Contact us for details.


Now offering multiple panels and gates, and combos.  These have metal welded caps and pipe supports making them stronger than competitor brands.

I found out on short notice that I needed to buy good quality Bermuda hay.  Josh at Hay Plus leapt to the rescue, locating great fresh hay at a good price and i had six months of hay delivered and under tarp the next day. High points to Hay Plus for a great product and fantastic service.

-Jackie  Hallelujah Horse Ranch

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